Saturday, August 22, 2009

No rest for the weary Mommy...

The boys went for a checkup this past week...all is well! They are moving along on their own slow growth curve. Their weight is slowing finally...due to incredible busyness!! The boys are becoming very busy. The are climbing everything now. As short as they are, they have quickly learned that ride on toys make wonderful stepping stones for getting on furniture. From there, they can get past the gate to the disallowed side of the gate in the living room where there's all kind of cool things like computer wires. They like to pull dish cloths and towels out and strew them around the living room. They like to open the a/c return vent (thankfully no one tried to dive down it). Since that incident, it has been taped shut. The dining room table is a wonderful thing to climb onto, especially during meal preparations, when there are clean dishes and utensils just waiting for some toddler to play with. All this adds up to a very tired Mommy. But, the toddler phase is so fun, too...and over far too quickly.

We were just looking at a video of Mary from two years ago...the changes are phenomenal. Mary is growing up into quite a big girl. Mary goes outside with us while we do yard work in the evening, and she enjoys her bike and can be trusted to stay nearby on the driveway/sidewalk (while the boys may go to bed a few minutes earlier). Mary loves to help with meal preparations. Mary is starting to learn to write...Mary writes her own name! Mary decided she wanted her new room to be pink and it is! Pink walls and purple carpet!

Speaking of...things are coming along nicely. The painters are hard at work, and probably have a few more weeks. (I still need to decide about the master bedroom/bath!) Then I suppose the remainder would be things like tile and carpet to be put in, wood floor to be sanded/stained, and miscellaneous finishes. We should be fairly close...hoping to be in before the end of September.

Pictures of the kids from June/July are here:



New pictures from the house are here:

New House

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