Sunday, October 19, 2008

Loving the Fall




I always enjoy the fall with the somewhat slower pace, and cooler temperatures. I don't enjoy the beginning of sick season...

Well, sick season has begun around here this week with the diagnosis all 3 boys of Strep. All three spiked a nasty fever, and a good look by our pediatrician determined it. long does it take for two adults to give three babies each two syringes full of medicine (Tylenol and antibiotic)? Try 15 minutes. :) We'll get better at it...and once the infection is under control, they shouldn't need the Tylenol. While we were in, we got new official weights for the boys. Chris weighs just over 18 pounds, Daniel weighs 18 lb 15 oz., and Nathan weighs a whopping 19 lb 10 oz. Is it really possible they were just three pound preemies back in January???

Otherwise, the boys are doing fantastic. Chris is crawling (but that doesn't stop the other two from scooting everywhere!) He's rather methodical about it still, but improving every day. Daniel had his first tooth show up about a week ago. And Nathan...well he's Nathan. He's big. :)

One last note...Mary also got Strep from the boys. She insisted yesterday, that with a temp of 102.6 she was not sick!

Pictures from September are here.
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Friday, October 3, 2008

Quick Note

We got word today from our attorney that we have a final adoption hearing for the boys on Nov. 14th at 11:00 am!!! We fully expect this to not change and to go smoothly through. Please pray!