Wednesday, April 9, 2008


We had the above pictures taken several weeks ago and just got the proofs. We would like to thank Anita Goodman for taking these pictures for us. Go take a look at her work here: Goodman Photography

The boys are continuing to grow and develop. They are staying a bit more awake now, and alert. I got my first real, for sure, smile last night, from Nathan. I was feeding Chris, and Nathan and Daniel were on either side of me on the couch. I looked over at Nathan and said something to him (no clue now what I said), and he just looked at me and responded very naturally with a real smile!

Last Friday we took the boys in for their third (and final) monthly Synagis dose. By the time RSV season rolls around in September, their bodies will have significantly matured. A side benefit of going in for the shots, is that we get weights in between regular doctor visits. So, (drumroll please) Chris weighs 8 lb 12 oz, Daniel weighs 9 lb 1 oz, and Nathan weighs 9 lb 2 oz.

We will shortly be "running out" of our free Enfamil from their triplet gift program, so the pediatrician was more than accomodating, by signing us up this week with Similac. He had no problem switching us to the equivalent Preemie formula produced by them. I've been told that this may last us the year! Praise the Lord, what a blessing. We've calculated, that at retail, we could be spending 15 dollars per day on preemie formula (a can a day, now!)

Last Wednesday on ebay we found a slightly used triple stroller on a great buy-it-now deal. So Jeff jumped on it. The boys have their first conveyance of their own. Watch out on the roads now!

Mom has been a great help to us over the last two months, especially in February and early March when the boys were not as great eaters as they are now. Mom is needing to get back home to Dad and her own responsibilities in Texas. Mom flies home on Monday, and then the party will really begin! ;) The boys are starting to sleep a bit longer at night (last two nights they slept from midnight to four am!), and hopefully, especially as it will be just Jeff and me, they will continue to extend that even more so.

We've all got a bit of cabin fever, since we've been keeping the boys (and Mary) away from people mostly through the end of winter/early spring. Being preemies, any illness could be especially serious for these guys. As the weather warms, we are especially looking forward to getting out and about!

New pictures for March are here.