Thursday, December 23, 2010

Annual Christmas Blog/Letter

I debated whether to write a letter this year, or even send out cards. Not sure if I'll continue past this year. Note the lateness this time around...guess it's been busy!

Mary is in kindergarten now at Oakwood, and loving it. I'm repeatedly surprised by the words she picks out written on random advertising, etc. I've enjoyed accompanying her on a few field trips/events and watching her perform in the Christmas program. If the pace of the first semester of kindergarten is any indication, I'm going to blink, and she'll be out of high school. She still has her red hair, and I'm crossing my fingers that it will stay.

The boys are almost to their third birthday. They have just "exploded" in their talking and interaction over the past year. The boys are in the process of potty training...and what a process it is! I was warned by many wiser and more experienced friends to hold the boys off for a while...but did I listen...nooo. :) Oh well. We will either get "over the hump" in the next couple weeks, or they will go back into pullups for awhile, until tax season is over.

Yes, I will be working part time from mid January to mid April. I have some wonderful friends and babysitters who are going to "cover" for me two days per week, just as I did last spring. It will be a nice change of pace and help me catch up my skills a bit.

Jeff has been hard at work on the outside of our home over the last year. We finally have a nice stand of fescue grass, as well as some basic landscaping set up. The kids have a playground out back now, and we have some outdoor furnishings on the porch and back deck. We are still slowly organizing and unpacking some of our "storage" and office. It takes a while when you have 3 two year olds. Oh, and don't even ask about the basement. :)

All things considered, we thank God for His goodness to us. Merry Christmas!

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