Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Happenings (written 5/15/09)

I know this is a triplets blog, but other things are happening too...

First the boys...all three are standing up alone with regularity, and Chris and Nathan are really starting to walk. Nathan took 10 steps alone on the 9th, and Chris just took off repeatedly taking lots of steps on the 13th (the boys 16 month birthday). Meanwhile, Daniel is getting better at standing. His greater talents lie elsewhere. Daniel is starting to say ni-niy from his crib when Mommy says good night to the boys. He also is starting to imitate "bah-bye" when people wave and say good bye and leave. Chris and Daniel in particular say ma-ma-mah frequently, but it still seems somewhat indiscriminate.

Today we attended the NightLight Christian Adoptions (FKA Carolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency) 1st Annual 5K for Adoption Awareness. It went pretty well. Jeff & his Dad pushed the kids in double strollers, since I'm not allowed to do much right now due to a recent minor surgery. His Dad came in first in his age category!

At the boys' recent check up Chris (still the lightest) weighed 21 lb 9 oz, Daniel weighed 22 lb 2 oz, and Nathan weighed 22 lb 9 oz. This puts the boys between the 10th and 25th percentile for weight, and between the 0th and 10th for height. We still have little bitty boys! The dr was quite pleased with the boys' development.

Recently, I've started reading blogs about how to save money on groceries and household consumables. My most recent find has been on diapers. Here's a tip. Periodically Walgreens puts their pack of diapers on sale, 2 pkg for $9. They also have a coupon out for $2 off a package of diapers. That works out to $2.50/pack, or $.08/ diaper! That's about half of what I had been paying for diapers! Yay!!! So, we stocked...and we stocked! 5 months worth. Over 2000 diapers...LOL.

And some of those diapers will have to be moved to the new house. The house is really starting to take shape. Monday we met with the cabinet maker, and looked at cabinet wood finishes and countertops for the kitchen and baths. Plumbing and electrical are going in right now. Lots of decisions yet to be made...we hope to be in before the summer is out.

So, if you can't tell, a lot is going on at the Bate household...what else is new? :)